SUDAFED® Nasal Spray Solution

A fast-acting, long-lasting nasal spray to help clear blocked-up noses.


What it does

By targeting nasal mucus directly, SUDAFED® Nasal Spray Solution is clinically proven to start relieving congestion within minutes. One application of the nasal spray can help you breathe easy for up to 10 hours. And because you only need to take it 2-3 times a day, it won’t interrupt your busy schedule.

How it works

The main active ingredient in SUDAFED® Nasal Spray Solution is a decongestant called xylometazoline, which quickly gets to work on mucus congestion when sprayed directly into your nose. SUDAFED® Nasal Spray Solution is fast, effective and long lasting.

How to use

Pack shots

Active Ingredients


Where to buy

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